NDP 2019: Dick Lee, Kit Chan, Stefanie Sun and every musician and personality featured in "Our Singapore" in chronological order

Patriot act

Text: Ethan Lee

Editor: Aravin Sandran

Brian Richmond

Lyrics that they sang: "For all those of you listening at home, let's take a walk down memory lane."
Relevance: Wait, is he still a radio DJ? 

Tracy Huang

Lyrics: "Remember the days/we set out together with faith?"
Relevance: Tracy was big in the 1970s with over 50 albums. Yet, the last time the singer changed her Facebook profile picture was in 2017.

Rahimah Rahim

Lyrics: "Remember the times/so fine/when we thought nothing could stand in our way?"
Relevance: With about a dozen albums under her belt, the Singaporean singer's live rendition of the Mandarin song "Ye Lai Xiang" went viral earlier this year.

Louis Soliano

Lyrics: "Then things weren't the same/the life that we knew had to change"
Relevance: He received the prestigious Cultural Medallion in 2018. Side note: he has mentioned that his favourite performances to date were those he did in Vietnam during the epic Vietnam War.

Jacintha Abisheganaden

Lyrics: "We struggled through, the darkest storms, we thought we couldn't tame"
Relevance: The bossa nova singer recently performed at the Esplanade in May this year.

Ramli Sarip

Lyrics: "Ohhhhh" X3
Relevance: Ramli might be one of the pioneers of Singapore's rock scene but he has earned a reputation as being "Malaysia's King of Rock".

Stefanie Sun

Lyrics: "Through many years gone by/we've moved ahead together/we've built a brave new world where we could shine and grow"
Relevance: The Mandopop singer has been lying low in recent years. The mother of two isn't even based in Singapore nowadays, or is she? No one knows.


JJ Lin

Lyrics: "And now we only have to look towards tomorrow/to carry on the dream as far as it will go"
Relevance: JJ Lin earned thousands of new followers on IG recently after he flashed his defined abs.


Charlie Lim

Lyrics: "So now we look around us and we see"
Relevance: Charlie released his last album Check-Hook last year. He has since performed locally and regionally.


Aisyah Aziz

Lyrics: "A nation built with love by you and me"
Relevance: The pop singer released the music video for "Bilah Enta" in January this year.

Taufik Batisah

Lyrics: "A land to treasure right down to the core"
Relevance: The first ever Singapore Idol has released a couple of songs in the past few years. His focus has shifted to business with the launch of Halal-friendly Nashville fried chicken joint Chix Hot Chicken.


The Sam Willows

Lyrics: "Our home, our heart, our Singapore"
Relevance: Both Narelle Kheng and Sandra Riley are pursuing solo music careers at the moment with the release of "Outta My Head" and "Burn" this year. However, the band remains very much intact.


Shabir Tabare Alam

Lyrics: "Our home, our heart, our Singapore"
Relevance: The Singaporean singer-songwriter has made his name in India. Locally, he is a prominent figure within Vasantham's tamil music scene. He has also established a music academy for aspiring musicians.

Sheikh Haikel

Lyrics: "To my people of the future
Relevance: The actor-rapper-host has ventured into F&B with the launch of FatPapas Burgers and Shakes a couple of years back.


Lyrics: "We built it for the ones that dream, hand in hand we make our land."
Relevance: Besides looking after his two adorable kids, the rapper has been active in the local music circuit as a performer and producer.


ShiGGa Shay

Lyrics: "Our home the place to be/from young to gold/our stories unfold"
Relevance: The man about town dropped a new track called "Paiseh" in 2019.


Yung Raja

Lyrics: "Moments like these will speak. Words that last forever, worlds that come together
Relevance: The multi-lingual rapper is one of the hottest names in the local music scene. He has captivated audiences across the causeway as well as in India. He is currently the host of MTV Raps on MTV Asia.


Fariz Jabba

Lyrics: "To show that we're all the same/we'll break the chains/to make a change"
Relevance: Exploding onto the scene at the same time as his best pal Yung Raja, Fariz recently dropped "Masa", a R&B Malay-language track that was accompanied with a cool dance MV.



Lyrics: "Burn bright/our lion city flame."
Relevance: His presence on the music scene is a win for inclusion.

Kit Chan

Lyrics: "And amazing as it seems/it all started with a dream."
Relevance: Kit acted in musical about Matteo Ricci earlier this year in Hong Kong.

Dick Lee

Lyrics: "But the dreaming isn't done/'cos the best is yet to come"
Relevance: His popular musical Fried Rice Paradise will be adapted into a television series.


Ang Peng Siong

Lyrics: "Ohhhh"
Relevance: The former national swimmer spends most of his time these days grooming new sporting talents at his APS swim school.

Joseph Schooling

Lyrics: "Ohhhh"
Relevance: Joseph will be riding the success of his Olympic gold medal for the rest of his life, and why shouldn't he?


Alemay Fernandez

Lyrics: "Woah oh oh"
Relevance: She is a respected jazz singer with gigs around Singapore's fanciest joints.

Who are the kids?

Syah Riszuan

Age: 13
Lyrics: "Deep in my heart I just know.", "And there's still a long, long way to go"
Background: He was last seen on Asia's Got Talent.

Nurjannah Qurratul' Farhaien

Age: 12
Lyrics: "Right from the start, we will grow.", "together we'll stand"
Background: She is a child-actor on the TV series InstaGeram.

Caitlin Tan

Age: 11
Lyrics: "Look where we are, we've come so far", "I'll play my part, I will share" 
Background: Unknown

Heema Izzati Zainudin

Age: 13
Lyrics: "With all of my heart, I will care", "With family and friends"
Background: Talent scouted from ChildAid 2018.

Jordin Tan

Age: 10
Lyrics: "And in the end, hand in hand we will get there"
Background: She is a singer and plays Ukulele on Youtube.

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