Nathanael Ng: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #130

What a mash-up

Text: Nathanael Ng

Independent fashion label, Mash-Up, shares the music that inspired their latest show and collection, 'The Persistence of Paperclips'

Music is an important part of our design process, it sets the vibe for every collection. We just recently finished our six month residency at the Funan Showsuite and launched our collection 'The Persistence of Paperclips' there as a fringe event during Singapore Fashion Week. The collection is inspired by the lives of quintessential CBD professionals but we infected office day dreams with surrealist scenes and prints.

For the show, we used the song 'Windowdipper' by Jib Kidder. It has a very surrealist-Dada approach to sounds, featuring random computer sounds and baby cries resulting in a strange glitchy post-internet vibe. There were early-Windows inspired prints on our collection and the song really brought the collection to life.

Alluding to a sense of play and dressing up to pass off in drag balls, our sequin bags feature gesturing from Voguing. While designing this capsule, we were listening to a lot of ballroom and voguing songs. Especially the song by Zebra Katz & Hervé, 'Tear the House up- Clean Edit.' The music video for this song is an explosion of colour and fierceness!

The collection was created roughly at the same time we were watching the Australian TV dramedy, Please Like Me — the show's introduction song is so catchy and fun. The song is called 'I'll be fine' by Clairy Browne & the Banging Rockettes and it is one of those songs that you want to start dancing and lip syncing. We recently found out about Lizzo and love her aesthetic and music. Her song 'Phone' is a hilarious take about losing your phone in the club while you lose your friends and you get angry and start throwing tantrums only to find out it is on your hand the whole time. It is so funny but really good at the same time! 

.gif is one of our favourite local bands and we are obsessed with their song, 'Money' featuring Mean. Listening to .gif transports you to another dimension. There is so much weirdness and strangeness in the band's music that is very haunting and addictive! Whenever people ask us about our muse, we will usually say M.I.A. Hence, we had to include one of our favourite songs from her earlier album, 'Jimmy'. Like MASH-UP, this song is a mish mash of cultures resulting in a fun and kitschy vibe just like our collection!

Mash-Up's new collection 'The Persistence of Paperclips' main collection is available at Superspace from end November and accessories from UNDERGROUND concept store at Metro Paragon Level 4 from today.