Nash D of Zouk: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #174


Text: Nash D

Zouk resident, DJ Nash D shares what gets him into the party mood before playing his signature hip-hop night, Sin City

Before each night on the decks, I listen to hard-hitting hip-hop to get me into that DJ mood and persona. It's a track list with attitude, confidence and loads of energy - an encapsulation of what I aim to instil with my Sin City nights at Zouk.

I've always been a fan of La Flame and 'Sicko Mode' is easily one of Travis Scott's best work to date. It's a masterpiece with three distinctive parts (including that great intro) joined into one standout balanced track. Fariz Jabba and Yung Raja are two of the hottest local rap acts at the moment. The best part about them is how they relate to the local audience with their cheeky lingo. They are also personal friends of mine for a few years now and I truly believe in their talent. As a DJ and artist myself, I've always wanted to have a platform for emerging artists to perform, so I try to incorporate local tracks like Jabba's 'Ape Sia' and Raja's 'Mustafa' and guest performances for my nights, Sin City and Fresh, so club-goers will be intrigued and give them a listen.

I wasn't big on 'Look At Me' by XXXTENTACION initially but somehow, it grew on me. It never fails to lift the energy in the room with that audacious and demanding attitude. I always end my Sin City set with 'Location' by Khalid. It's chill, easy and groovy - the perfect send-off track to calm the energy down after hours of dancing or in my case, deck duties. 

DJ Nash D is a Zouk Singapore Resident DJ. His main gigs at Zouk are the hip-hop led nights like Thursday Night Hustle, Fresh, every Saturday, and signature night, Sin City. The Sin City Anniversary will take place on 9th November.