Nara My Grandmama's Secret: Mercury Retrograde Buro. Singapore Playlist #208

Heal over

Text: Narayanee Singaram

Editor: Tracy Phillips

This playlist dives into acceptance when we start to feel affected by Mercury going into Retrograde (a time when everything feels messy), I want you to shut off the world, turn into your heart space during the Witching hour and stand in your feelings.

"Resistance to Change" has been the main topic to work on since the last Mercury Retrograde. There could have been a heartbreak, which is common when Mercury plays his games. During his pit-stop in our charts, Mercury affects everyone differently, but his main purpose is to take many parts of us apart and then put them together.

This playlist is my thought process as I sit amongst lit candles, pulling out tarot cards, and finding closure. As my doubts flow through my consciousness, I return to my positive statements and image. I am always thankful to Mercury for his intervention.

The acoustics in "Tell Me" by Sabrina Claudio sounds so soothing, but it's actually the grumbling of any girl in love with someone who can't express themselves and when she's so close to cutting things off. "Come Undone" by Duran Duran is always fantastic after you light some incense, pull out a couple of crystals, and just close your eyes to feel the different faces that may appear at you with their lessons and hope. "Now we'll try to stay blind, to the hope and fear outside, hey child, stay wilder than the wind  and blow me in to cry."

The very first time when I heard "Permanence" by Abby Simone, it brought me to tears. It was exactly how I was feeling. Tongue-tied, looking right at the special person, and watching this person leave  I was filled with sorrow. I lay in bed for a couple of days, and then pulled a tarot card, The Hermit. Deep down I just kept repeating to these lyrics to myself. To translate: "Don't go, my dear, please don't leave me, you are my possession, you are my home, you are my everything."

"Stimela (Do Corpo)" by Nindja is my dance song in any crafting work. The music just empowers me to go deeper into my feelings. "I Put a Spell on You" by Natacha Atlas is one of my favourite versions of this classic. It's the perfect song if you are into casting spells, belly dancing, smudging spaces, decking up tarot, oracle cards, and crystals.

Nara is the founder of My Grandmama's Secret, who began her journey as a tarot reader under the guidance of her renowned godmother, Rosina Maria Arquati who was a telepathic animal communicator. Providing oracle/tarot card readings and witchy crafts, like her moonlight empowered Mojo Bags, each crafted with botanicals, healing herbs, stones and crystals to cater to different spiritual, emotional, magical and physical levels.

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