Love underground techno? You'll love Nakadia

Love underground techno? You'll love Nakadia


Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Facebook | Nakadia

5 things you need to know about Nakadia, the Berlin-based Thai DJ who's back in Singapore to headline Plastik Dreams, The Council's party series

1. The beginnings of her DJ career started way back
The 36-year-old Thai grew up on a farm in Khon Buri in eastern Thailand, the youngest of five children. When Nakadia Mungphanklang was 14, she'd sit outside her house playing music for her neighbours from her brother's ghetto blaster boombox. She'd even take requests. 

2. She practiced DJing in the back room of a university in Germany
Her manager Sebastian Lehmann convinced a technical university in Braunschweig to let Nakadia practice on equipment in a back room. She would be behind the turntables for 14 hours everyday for three months, only to rest when she needed to eat and drink, and listen to other people's music. It's definitely a far cry from her days working in a Thailand's factories.

3. It wasn't music that pulled her to Germany
In fact, Nakadia's first trip to Germany was done because of a modeling job. It wasn't until she was in a club in Frankfurt when she was introduced to the techno sounds of fellow female DJ, Marusha, that really inspired her to take the plunge and decide what to do with her life.

4. Being a female Thai DJ comes with its own set of problems
While the scene in Thailand is slowly but surely warming up to techno, it's still dominated by hiphop and EDM. "People always thought that girls don't understand techno and that a Thai can never be as good as a European," she said in an interview. "With every gig I had to prove myself. People didn't enjoy my music because they just came for my looks.'"

5. She's now based in Berlin
Relocating to the music capital in 2010, she's now part of the global Cocoon family. Playing an average of 130 shows a year, she's made a name of herself at the industry's favourite music spots: Watergate Berlin, The Egg London and Lola Shanghai.

Nakadia will be spinning at Plastik Dreams on 30 September from 10pm. Book tickets
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