Music videos that you need to see and the local artiste on Apple Music's Best of 2018 playlist: Robyn, Grimes, Miley Cyrus and Sezairi

Music videos that you need to see and the local artiste on Apple Music's Best of 2018 playlist: Robyn, Grimes, Miley Cyrus and Sezairi

Seeing is believing

Text: Aravin Sandran

Robyn hosts a slo-mo rave night for 'Honey'.

It's no secret that Robyn loves a good sweaty moment on a shady Nordic club's sticky dancefloor. The Swedish musician dropped the much-anticipated music video for the lead single of her recently released album Honey this week and she dishes up more of the same for her followers. Directed by her longtime boyfriend Max Vitali, the 3-minute, 49-second track begins in sensual red-lit close-ups before opening up to a warehouse full of writhing ravers. Robyn casted the dancers through an open call on Twitter back in September, looking for “a diverse cast of interesting and expressive people who love music and love to dance in their own way,” including “modern, diverse, interesting, and liberated couples and relationships. Heterosexual, LGBTQ+, gender nonconforming, polyamorous" people. She took to Twitter once again to annouce the video and dedicated the video to those "who found a piece of heaven on the dancefloor". The artiste also went on BBC's Live Lounge to cover Wham!'s 'Last Christmas'. Expect North American and European tour dates to be announced soon. 

Grimes' 'We Appreciate Power' is an AI anime fantasy come true.

Following news that Grimes had scored the theme song for Netflix's latest animated series Hilda, she drops her new single 'We Appreciate Power', three years since her fourth album Art Angels. Inspired by Kim Jong-un assembled North Korean girl group Moranbong Band who performed during the Winter Olympics, the track is written from the perspective of a pro-A.I. girl group propaganda machine using pulsating metal-influenced beats and catsuit sexiness to extend the appreciation of artificial intelligence. Directed by her brother Mac Boucher, the lyric video sees Grimes wielding weapons of all sorts including a crossbow, assault guns and a fencing swords with multi-lingual subtitles in Hindi, Mandarin and Russian for added impact.

Miley Cyrus' comeback track with Mark Ronson, 'Nothing Breaks Like A Heart' is heavily laden with 2018's most important issues. 

Miley Cyrus has gone through several image makeovers over the past few years. Remember when she broke the Internet twice in 2013: twerking on stage with singer Robin Thicke at the MTV VMA and then going hard in a wifebeater in the music video for 'Wrecking Ball'. She makes her comeback this month with 'Nothing Breaks Like a Heart', a collab with super producer Mark Ronson. She might have dropped the weed joints, but the music video proves she is just as provocative as ever. There's a bit of everything in it: Miley in a high-speed car chase with the police, nuns, priests in a strip club, football players taking the knee, kids shooting guns, "Miley for President" placards, looters before it all ends with Cyrus posing quasi-crucifixon style in front of a wrecked car. Need we say more?

Sezairi's 'It's You' features in Apple Music's Best of 2018: Editor's Pick Playlist globally.

It's hard to get a roomful of people to agree on much of anything these days, but dozens of Apple Music editors from all over the world managed to hammer out the definitive playlist showcasing the 100 best and biggest tracks of 2018, spanning all genres. While Charlie Lim's 'Zero-Sum' and Masia One's 'Time Wastin' features regionally, Sezairi's 'It's You' has been picked for the global edition. The former Singapore Idol winner tweeted: "Broke down today when I got the call that 'It's You' is the 3rd song in Apple Music's global best of 2018 playlist." Click play and let the good times begin.