Music streaming services to stream K-pop artists apart from Spotify: YouTube premium, MelOn, and more

Music streaming services to stream K-pop artists apart from Spotify: YouTube premium, MelOn, and more

The back-up plan

Text: Jeway Tan

Those who know, know. Since March 1st, K-pop stans around the world would have realised that many of their favourite artists and bands were suddenly removed from Spotify. Yep, as severe as that blip in Avengers: Infinity War. The popular streaming service then clarified that their license with Korean music distributor Kakao M had expired, therefore all music distributed by the label would no longer be available on the service. The news came soon after Spotify launched in South Korea — raising some eyebrows that it could have been serious competition to Kakao M's very own streaming service, Melon. While not every favourite artist or band might have been collateral damage, favoured ones namely IU, HyunA, and Seventeen, were amongst many that can no longer be streamed on Spotify. But before you go succumbing to a spiral of defeated memes, here's a list of alternative streaming services to look to whenever you need IU to help you feel something inside.

SPotify premium

Apple Music

If you use an iPhone, you probably have seen the Apple music subscription prompt when you use your iTunes. This subscription cost $5 a month for students, $10 for individuals and $15 for family. With the subscription, you are able to stream over 70 million songs across all genres, and yes — that includes K-pop.

YouTube Premium

What you may not know about YouTube is that its Premium category has a music streaming service feature. For $7 a month for students, $12 for individuals and $18 for family, you can download and enjoy any and all music available on YouTube. This means whatever music is on YouTube (i.e. practically every song there is on the Internet), you will be able to download and listen to it offline.




MelOn is a Korean music streaming service that caters mainly to South Korea, but users abroad can also get access to it. It allows users to have unlimited listening (like Spotify) and the ability to download a certain number of K-pop songs they have, which includes songs from huge artists such as IU, HyunA and many more, for $13.30 with 30 downloads a month, $17.30 with 50 downloads and $21.30 with 100 downloads.


Genie is the second most used music streaming app in Korea. Similar to the music streaming service MelOn, Genie provides a variety of K-pop music to users like Seventeen. Apart from the bank of songs, Genie also curates a list of songs that is similar to their preferred songs — just like an algorithm. This music streaming service is free and can be download onto any devices.