Miu Miu’s new music app lets you enjoy runway music on the go

Miu Miu’s new music app lets you enjoy runway music on the go


Text: Adibah Isa

Create and share a Miu Miu identity with a selection of skins and tracks that move to the beat of some serious style

If you're a fan of runway music, Miu Miu's new app will sate your aural appetite. While the Miu MIUSIC app doesn't bill itself as the soundtrack of the brand's runway shows per se, its tracks evoke a vibrant, stylish nature that aligns with runway music. Think dream-like sequences, uptempo beats and an urban rhythm that you'd be more than happy to walk along to.

With a main aim to create a Miu Miu identity that's uniquely yours, each 20-second video allows you to choose from 10 tracks and 20 moods. DJ Frédéric Sanchez — one of fashion's most respected show music producers — has composed each track exclusively for the brand, while the graphics feature motifs from Miu Miu's current season. Miu MIUSIC also plans to update the tracks and graphics according to the seasons, so you'll be able to generate fresh content in the months to come.

@miumiu's new #music app, #MiuMiusic, lets you walk to the beat of your own #MiuMiu drum - find out how on #Buro247Singapore

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With a host of possibilities, it's very unlikely that two videos will ever be the same, so start clicking, and start walking to the beat of your own Miu Miu drum.

The app is available free of charge at Apple Store, Google Play and Windows Store, and will be accessible worldwide on mobiles and tablets with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.