MICappella: Buro. Chinese New Year Playlist #191

Gong xi fa cai

Text: MICappella

Editor: Tracy Phillips

We know the day is approaching when we start hearing iconic Chinese New Year songs in every shopping mall, food court and gas station we enter. We roll our eyes, but secretly, we look forward to spending some quality time with our families and friends, surrounded by food, amidst all the house-cleaning and the dreaded onslaught of sensitive questions from concerned relatives. As families get smaller through the generations, and as we get older, it's easy to forget the people who raised us and gave us the strength to pursue our dreams. Sometimes, we even think of it as a hassle with all the housekeeping and crazy crowds in Chinatown. This playlist helps us remember why we ultimately enjoy and celebrate this occasion and also gives a little insight into how we spend our Chinese New Year.

When we first heard "老母Mother" by Namewee, it struck a chord deep inside because we all have experienced it. This song is dedicated to our Mums (and Dads) who have been our silent cheerleaders through the years. The most heart-warming (and tear-jerking) thing about this song is that the songwriter's mother made a special appearance with her operatic choruses. Loosely translated, she sings about her son working really hard, fighting the good fight and that she understands all the loneliness that comes with the job. She goes on to encourage him to keep striving ahead but reminds him that if he gets weary, he could just come back home. 
On a lighter note, Chinese New Year is not complete without all the snacks and cakes that we eat. Some of us even make it a thing by spending time with our family making pineapple tarts like in the song, "50 Shapes of Kueh" by local singer Ruth Kueo. It is a mid-paced ballad about a daughter spending time with her mother making these delicious cakes and the conversations they have. The song sounds as sweet as the cakes and it makes us hungry! Whenever we meet our family, friends or colleagues during Chinese New Year, the first things we say are greetings and well wishes, usually wishing them prosperity, health and more importantly, happiness and love. "Have It All" by Jason Mraz is upbeat, fun and pretty much says it all. 

When we meet friends and family whom we have not met in a long time, there is always so much to catch up on, and more often than not, one evening is simply not enough. It's always great to reconnect but it is also a reminder that we don't have to wait an entire year before meeting up again. Let's not just talk about catching up, but rather, just do it. "有空记得约我" by The Freshmen talks about just that and in a catchy and fun, pop-rock tune that makes us want to pick up the phone or send that text message right away. Here's to breaking free from negativity and embracing all that life brings us this moment on!

MICappella is a rock-pop vocal band from Singapore who use only their voices to produce everything you hear on stage. Catch them on-stage this Chinese New Year for River Hongbao 2019 at the Marina Bay Floating Platform on 4, 8 and 9 February 2019.

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