Melissa Erpen: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #139

Tour de force

Text: Melissa Erpen

London-based session singer and songwriter Melissa Erpen shares her favourite dressing room jams while on tour

I spend a lot of time in dressing rooms all over the world — chilling, sleeping, eating, drinking tea, reading, playing Banagrams (a great travel game!) and getting ready for the next show. These songs always get me in a vibe and feeling good, hand in hand with dim lighting and a Neom candle. 

'Girl' by The Internet is such a jam. It's so sexy, seductive and soulful. Syd's voice is like silk and the production on this track is just so dreamy. This is a go-to of mine and never fails to get me in the mood for a good night. Who doesn't love a '90s throwback? Martika was my very first idol. Mum says I was three years old when I started singing along to her songs. Produced by the legendary Prince, 'Love Thy Will Be Done' was released in 1991 and still remains one of my favourite songs of all time.

I got introduced to the music of Glass Animals whilst I was on tour with Royal Blood last year. I fell in love instantly! 'Pork Soda' is a wicked track. I would have included all their songs in my playlist if I could! Check out the video online. I'm such a sucker for neo-soul and Erykah Badu has played a huge influence in my music career. She's such a bad ass and her music is so cool, effortless and timeless. Not to mention her musicality and vocal dynamics are out of this world. 'Gone Baby, Don't Be Long' is such a groovin' tune. If you ever get a chance to see her live, do it! 

Troye Sivan is from my hometown of Perth, Australia. I first heard his music a couple of years ago. He's fresh, edgy, has an amazing voice and is an incredible songwriter to boot. When I first listened to 'Wild' I was like, "Who is this guy?!" He is going to be a megastar. 

Melissa Erpen is currently a backing vocalist for Ellie Goulding and will be joining Royal Blood on their headline tour throughout Australia, New Zealand and the US this year.