Mean: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #142

Wavy Wednesday

Text: Mean

Mean (also known as The Dapper Rapper) shares tunes to get you pumped and dancing through hump day

These songs have in one way or another affected, inspired and helped me through the highs and lows in my life within the last year. They also happen to be wavy and full of vibes. I gravitate more towards songs with lyrical prowess and a deeper meaning to them but I also enjoy songs that are production driven, tingling the ears and emotions. It's all about the #feels, I say.

I chose to kick-off the playlist with 'Crew' by GoldLink because it has the perfect intro leading up to the beat and vocal drop which puts you in just the right mood. It is the right amount of sexy and classy. The ‘90s R&B vocals on the hook paired with the sample-driven new age soundscape is the perfect combination. You can either vibe it out or low-key turn up to the song which is just perfect. The second song is the first single off my By Any Means EP entitled 'Trollin' and it features Melbourne-based rapper, Judo. This single is written from my personal experiences with cyber bullying and having to deal with internet trolls. It is definitely one of my favourite songs I've written to date. The catchy hook and beat production have proven to be a crowd pleaser at my shows and I couldn't be more contented.

Jaden Smith is an icon and he knows it. The song 'Icon' definitely reflects his confidence and swagger. The hauntingly beautiful sample, layered with hard hitting drum beats over the song is quite iconic too. I first heard 'Backseat' by Little Simz from a live performance video she recorded for A Colors Show. I immediately resonated with the words that she delivered and could relate to everything that was being said. Everything about the song reflects my personal life in some way or another under different circumstances. Hence, till this day, the song gives me goosebumps.

Honestly, I listen to a broad variety of music and not just hip-hop and R&B. I decided to end the playlist with a song by Sigrid entitled 'Strangers.' When I first heard the song performed live on Graham Norton's Show, I couldn't stop listening to it on repeat. It's such an earworm but in the good way, of course. I feel like it's the perfect song to end my playlist to leave the listeners on a high.

Mean is a singer, songwriter, and producer, who also directs and edits his own music videos. His new single, 'Fall Out'  produced by renowned UK producer, Kidkanevil will be out soon. Follow him for release dates.