Maurice Simon: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #138

The warm-up

Text: Maurice Simon

Ahead of his warm up for Âme this weekend at Kilo Lounge, Maurice Simon shows us how he gets the floor ready in those early hours

On a great night in club land, we tend to cherish the DJ's last word. But as the opening DJ, your first words are often experienced by a precious few. Perhaps by none. But they matter no less. This playlist celebrates music from my warm-up crate that I have used to develop the early dancefloor mood, because the first dancer is always the bravest of them all. Here's to saving the best for first, and not just for last!

'Swallow's Tempest' by Gigi Masin is a perfect example of how I would break the silence in a club. Taken from his 1986 album, Wind, this song has stood the test of time. An astonishing blend of ambient electronica and jazz that arouses the curiosity. Alek Lee is an enigmatic new producer based in Tel-Aviv, influenced by Middle-Eastern and traditional Israeli music. 'Harabait' is gently restrained, dubby and balearic, like a modern day folk song — one of the most original pieces of music I discovered last year.

Meditation Tunnel is a new music project by Luke Jenner, former frontman of The Rapture. His first release was this remix of 'Samurai' by French producer, Joakim. Textured and packed with feeling, it sounds like a post-punk electronic ballad for a lost soul. Once I've managed to get a few people onto the floor and feel up for taking a bit of a risk, 'Mannequin On The Runby Datassette would do the trick. I love this one for its Italo-disco and Beverly Hills Cop meets Bladerunner nostalgic feel.

Finally, I love 'Doldrumsby Âme because it subverts everything you might assume they are about as music producers. I love coming back to this track because it reminds me of the strong but subtle connections that exist between ambient and house music, even though they might seem worlds apart.

Maurice Simon and Sunju Hargun play warm up and back to back at the next After Dark featuring Âme on 13 January at Kilo Lounge.