MAS1A: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #132


Text: MAS1A

Image: Ren D'vila

Performer and creative director of Singapura Dub Club, MAS1A shares music to bring out your inner royalty

Recently I was part of an event to get together Singapore's female emcees, street artists, B-girls, DJs and Hip Hop aficionados to celebrate Lion City's "HERstory". I was so inspired by the talent, energy and warrior sprit of these women, I knew I wanted to curate a playlist to celebrate them.  I think sometimes even the strongest women go through hard times, challenges and self-doubt - and music is a wonderful way to bring back out our "Queenself".  

I picked 'Intro' from Kehlani as recommended by my girl Char Loro, who runs a business called Love Hard.  She reminds me that it's important to take the time and space for ourselves sometimes to listen – both to the feedback of others and to ourselves.  A Queen must actively listen rather than passively hear.

'Grinder' is a song that appears on my second album PULAU in honour of DJ SARASA.  Here is another woman that truly inspires me. She is one of Tokyo's top DJs, a fashion icon who recently opened a Mexican restaurant in the heart of Shibuya.  Check it out if you're in the heart of Tokyo – I recommend taco Tuesdays. Suboi's 'Đời' is the truth.  A genuine spirit of Warrior Queen reppin' out of Saigon City. Please follow her new project which features her more soulful and jazzy style and skill as a songwriter.

'Warriors Tongue' was my audition song for producer Che Vicious and Travis von Cartier.  I wrote an anthem to make people feel brave. The song was picked up for many remixes, including one by Bass Nectar that was licensed to the soundtrack of Fast & Furious 8. 'I Dance All Over My Problems' is by a band called SHORE from Jakarta, with lead singer Ega Masha's vocals leading the beautifully haunting vibe of this song about dancing and leaving your problems behind.

MAS1A performs with Sister Nancy at Hard Rock Cafe on 3 December and for the Lisa Von Tang Official Opening Party at Marina Bay Sands on 8 December, win invites here. Her new album 'Irie Guide to the Far East Side' is out in Spring 2018.