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Text: Marina A

Artist Marina A’s responsible for the rad aesthetics of local musicians such as M1LDL1FE, Disco Hue, Supersect, Niine, Jasmine Sokko and Villes. She shares a playlist inspired by her new exhibition and workshop at M Social Singapore

My playlist is called "Digital Lovespells & Garbage Romance". Tying in with some of my works for M Social Singapore, it revolves around the idea of modern love — how easy it is to have an online social presence and a digital relationship in the 21st century. I feel that it is convenient, great and at the same time somewhat destructive. In a way, it devalues the idea of love itself and that genuine feelings are usually not considered in such relationships or easily brushed off.

Consisting of my all-time favourites and songs I've been listening to when I was creating the paintings for M Social Singapore, there's an underlying narrative and mood behind the order of the songs. This also ties in with the upcoming workshop: What do you feel towards 'modern love'? I usually listen to emotional songs for inspiration —waiting for the right feeling to hit me (laughs). I'm all about that sappy eccentric love song.

Paddy Ong, M1LDL1FE's singer, approached me to do their visual branding and things just took off from there. They're really genuinely amazing people and the amount of creative freedom I get is superb. Not only that, I respect the fact that we work as a collective in which every opinion matters. 'Distraction' holds a special place in my heart. It is like the birth and start of this other side of me in design that I've yet to explore. I've been a fan of Spazzkid since the web-era of Soundcloud. I met him during his Singapore tour and shortly after, we collaborated for his newest single, 'Cloud Keep'. This collaboration has been my greatest creative push yet. The song's about digital love as well.

Thomston x Wafia's 'Window Seat' holds so much wounded memory for me, personally. Physically and mentally, I've painted so many artworks with this song in mind. After knowing my process in art, someone sent me Kerri's 'Happy Accidents' and told me that my artworks were like happy accidents. Strangely, that comment made me realise so many things in life.

As part of M Social Singapore's new creative efforts, M Social Communities, Marina A's exhibition, 'The PassionArt Sessions - Fine Art Freeform' will run from 14 to 25 May. You can also join her colouring workshop on 19 May, 11am to 12pm.

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