#ManCrushMonday: Idris Elba

#ManCrushMonday: Idris Elba

Hey Mr. DJ

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images

The screen, the deck, the road — there's no stopping Idris Elba

"I'm sorry I'm not Idris Elba," cried many a husband over Twitter last year. This global man panic surfaced when a man took to the social platform and composed a poem of that same title, causing men everywhere to excuse themselves for their apparent inferiority towards the Hollywood star. It's the Idris effect, and it doesn't just surface in husbanding. Here are other three ways Elba trumps over your sorry selves — garnering our respect and admiration in the process.

1. He could very well be the next Bond.

I mean, is there anything better? Besides roles in The Wire and Luther, he's also played Nelson Mandela, and has been tipped off to replace Daniel Craig as the next Bond in the series. Bond's the guy all men want to be, and all women want to be with, and frankly, how can Elba not play the part? With his rugged good looks and suave sensibilities (not to mention, he's already British), he could bring Bond back to the gent that was epitomised by Sean Connery or Roger Moore.

2. He broke a driving record.

While filming Idris Elba: No Limits, an upcoming documentary which will air this month on the Discovery Channel, Elba broke The Flying Mile, a record originally set in 1927 by Sir Malcolm Campbell in his Blue Bird (land speed record car). Elba hit 180.361mph in his Bentley, beating Campbell's record of 174.8mph — all while looking pretty fly.

3. He moonlights as a DJ.

We're not sure if moonlighting is the right word here — we are talking about someone who's played a house set at Glastonbury. Last weekend saw his debut at the music festival, where crowds had a taste of DJ Big Driis, as he's known in the music circles. While you're most familiar with him on screen, a little known fact is that he's worked with the likes of Jay-Z and Mumford & Sons, even to the extent of directing the latter's music video for Lover of the Light. Prior to his Glastonbury gig, the ever humble chap wasn't afraid to ask for tips via Twitter, which received generous responses, as well as some notably questionable ones.


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