#ManCrushMonday: Bruno Mars

#ManCrushMonday: Bruno Mars

Life on Mars

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Instagram | @brunomarsnotes,

Guess who's going to be on James Corden's next Carpool Karaoke? Here's our wishlist of songs

Yes, Peter Gene Hernandez has just been revealed as James Corden's latest guest on the Brit's hugely successful Carpool Karaoke. Wait, who's Hernandez? The Honolulu-raised American's better known as Bruno Mars — as in the Bruno Mars of your wedding and party playlists, and he's about to be in the hot seat. Corden has been having the who's who of music in his car, with fan favourites as well as ones with questionable talent. For Mars, there's no question about it: The man can sing. He also has the moves, and his two hosting stints on SNL prove that he can definitely get a conversation going. 

Instagram | @brunomars When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object @j_corden Thanks for the lift.

While The Late Late Show with James Corden hasn't been confirmed the air date, we're guessing it's sometime within these two weeks to bank on the release of Mars' 24k Magic, his third studio album. Described as an indulgent throwback to '90s R&B, we've already had previews of his live performances of Chunky, Versace On The Floor and title track, which suggest a good time and a fitting update to your party playlists. But first, a wishlist of hits for this upcoming Carpool Karaoke.

1. 24K Magic
Corden usually begins Carpool Karaoke with his guest's recent releases, so the album's title track would set things off on a groovy note that's bound to get the duo dancing.

2. Locked Out Of Heaven
We can totally imagine Corden taking the backseat on this one, giving Mars the lead on vocals. Corden's great at providing the backing vocals as well, so he'll be taking on the "oh-ohs" and "yeah-yeahs" for the team.

3. Chunky
Don't you just love songs that fantasise women of all shapes and sizes? Queen's Fat Bottomed Girls certainly made us fist-pump our guys — finally, someone has said it —  and Mars' Chunky delivers that same ideal.

4. When I Was Your Man
The duo should slow things down with this emotionally-heavy number. No other words or trimmings needed. It'll be awesome if Mars brings on a portable keyboard to play live as well.


5. Just The Way You Are
Celebrate love with this wedding-friendly playlist. When was the last time you went to one which didn't feature this track? Love it or hate it, it's an earworm for sure. 

6. Grenade
Corden often chooses an artist's earlier work as well, and we'd like this throwback, please! The singer's second single in 2010 recalls our first introductions to this ballad-blasting artist, who makes a post-break up track sound both spiteful and heartbreaking at the same time.

7. Uptown Funk
Seriously, Corden and Mars better pull some strings to get Mark Ronson in the backseat. What a finish. 

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