Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist: #40

Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist: #40

Rebel heart

Text: Tracy Phillips

Image: Getty Images

Get ready to vogue your way through Madonna’s first ever concert in Singapore this Sunday with our Buro tribute on Spotify

With a career spanning over 40 years, 13 studio albums and bearing the title of top selling female artist of all time, it's difficult to narrow down a Madonna playlist to just 10 songs. That wouldn't even be able to list all her number one singles, the title songs of each of her records or even the number of films she's been in. No, Madonna is simply too prolific — and profane, reborn again with every new song and music video such that every generation identifies with several of her incarnations.

The only thing I could do was pick a few tracks from each decade to show the range of her work, including some of the tracks you're going to hear mashed up at the upcoming Rebel Heart Tour gig in Singapore this weekend. I personally caught this tour during its New York leg, and it had one of the highest production values of any concert I've seen.  

Whether it's Madonna from the '80s, '90s, '00s or today, you know you're going to be singing along to this playlist whether you like it or not. That's the power of pop...all hail the Queen.    

Madonna will perform on 28 February at the National Stadium. For tickets, click here.