M1LDL1FE: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #111

Number twos

Text: M1LDL1FE

Formerly known as Take Two, M1LDL1FE shares their selection of songs for the bathroom

We call this "songs to poop to" — a selection of fine tunes that will place you in a perfect state of mind to do the number two. From hard hitting to mellow smooth songs, they are sure to get your bowels moving at the pace you would prefer. We were inspired by our own life experiences. The average poop time for each person in M1LDL1FE varies from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, so syncing schedules has been difficult when are on tour. Pooping largely happens in the hours before lunch, and this playlist will help balance the forces within the band — speeding up the slow ones and slowing down the fast ones — and we feel this can be of use for when nature calls.

David: I chose 'End this Misery' for its meekness, to help bring out the best in each of us. Sometimes the only way to create good flow is to truly relax your body. 'HDB Love Song' by NO PANTZ is for the times you feel angsty and need to let it all out. What better way to let it all out than with some local rock!

Peng Sing: I had the chance to catch Sam Rui during Ultra Music Festival, so 'Solid Gold' is definitely my pick. Especially during those days when you regret not eating any dietary fibre for four meals in a row. The song 'Swim' by Fickle Friends is not only upbeat and catchy, but the prechorus asserts: "You Are Not Alone" — giving a good sense of assurance for those times you find yourself sinking into an existential crisis in the cubicle.

Jeryl: Local singer-songwriter JAWN always delivers his songs with immense heartfelt emotion, and the raw feelings evoked from listening to 'Fade To Black' — heartache, despair, despondence — resonates with the feeling you get when things are just not going all too well in the toilet.

Watch the video for Distraction, M1LDL1FE's lead single of their upcoming EP launch happening on 5 August at Henderson Industrial Park.