Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #76: Ludmila Cassar of Reflex

Call to dream

Text: Ludmila Cassar of Reflex

Image: Alexandre Antouard

Ludmila Cassar of French electronic duo REFLEX shares a French wave playlist to inspire your nocturnal adventures

Welcome to the beautiful and magical world of lucid dreams, where you realise that you're in a dream that you can take control of and be the master of absolutely everything in it. Some people immediately wake up when they realize they're dreaming. Others fly, try to have sex or practice their favourite sport, while others make miracles. I choose to summon music — then I wake up to sing every part of it in the audio drafts of my phone and the next morning, I'll recompose the song in the studio. That's why our new album is titled Lucid Dreams, as each of these tracks came directly from my sleeping hours. For this playlist, I chose music that feels like a call to dream, inspired by the landscapes of the sun and ocean, with a joie de vivre — the kind of music that we as Reflex like to make too.

InClose is a new French artist with a very French sound. Candy is delightful to the ears, full of catchy arpeggios and the sound of real birds. Oshan is an Australian artist with a French spirit for sure, signed by Roche Musique. You'll be delighted by the sweetness of French Vanilla which will give you the shivers. Silhouette by Goldroom is directly inspired by the sun and the ocean, and similar to all the positive things we as Reflex like to send out too. Fhin's Your Heart Sounds Like is a good example of what's going on in the French music scene, where the keys and textures have an important place, like a soothing caress. Daft Punk's Something About Us is a symbol of love and it brings back so many memories, making it a real call to dream for me.

Reflex's album Lucid Dreams is out now. Listen to it here.