Lucy Rose's new album is the record you need for long bus rides

Lucy Rose's new album is the record you need for long bus rides


Text: Clara Tan

The 28-year-old indie-folk siren takes on a new and poignant sound in her latest album, Something's Changing. Here's 5 tracks that's currently on our commute playlist

1. Is This Called Home
This warm electric guitar tune leaves you pining for the love you never had as Rose croons, "Let me hold your hand". We're digging the 60s vibe and the progressive pick up in beat.

2. Floral Dresses (feat. The Staves)
Ever had an epiphany about life while listening to a song? Well, this tune did it for us. The ex-Bombay Bicycle Club backup singer delivers in this number about self-identity, with support from sisterly trio, The Staves. She says of the song, "When I wrote 'Floral Dresses' it really reminded me about who I was... I hope other people will find comfort in it, and realise they are different but also the same as many people.”

3. Moirai
Like every breakup song, 'Moirai' reminds you of love lost, the relationship that failed, and how you're willing to fight to take it back. Now, excuse us while we grab a Kleenex...

4. Second Chance
A 70s soul influence is clear on this track as soulful drumbeats occupy centre stage. This self-empowerment anthem has us declaring with her, "So lift me up, raise my head high, and take my photograph".

5. Strangest of Ways
This slightly upbeat tune has Rose saying, "I'm old enough now", as she layers both bass and acoustic. Perhaps her recent trip to Latin America gave her a newfound confidence to make bolder decisions — something that's evident in this album.

Listen to Lucy Rose's new album on Spotify, and buy tickets to her live performance in Singapore here.

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