LEW talks us through his new album, Lullacry

LEW talks us through his new album, Lullacry

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Text: Adibah Isa

Image: LEW

Singaporean folk singer-songwriter LEW takes us through key tracks from his new LP, Lullacry

1. 'All I Am'
"It's one of the bigger productions on the album, and is the longest song in Lullacry. It is a narrative about someone 'simple' falling in love with someone 'complicated' — or more specifically someone who is 'out' falling in love with someone closeted."

2. 'Boy I Knew'
"'Boy I knew' was written about the remnants of a past relationship, where the pieces of the good memories leave you feeling nostalgic, but also appreciative of what it was and what it became. To write this piece, it had to come from a very personal space, but also a space that was ready to be cleared."

3. 'Wings'
"I wrote 'Wings' as an introspective reminder. Many a times we create checklists and requirements for the people around us, and discount them because they do not meet our expectations. However, we disregard the fact that we are human, and as a result perfection is unattainable."

4. 'Reality' (ft. Joie Tan)
"This is honestly a song about 'taboo' love (like lgbt, interracial etc.) and how in any relationship it should only involve the relevant parties who believe it to be real, and a reminder that the comments are just noise. I wrote this as a duet, and at the time, I had just befriended Joie Tan and found her voice to be super beautiful and fitting for the song."

5. 'Pill'
"This song was inspired by the idea that we all turn to 'pills' to suppress our sadness, whilst forgetting that the happiness we feel is always temporary. I wrote the melodies in the song to translate the brusqueness of emotion and how the permanency of our happiness cannot be achieved by turning to our vices." 

Listen or download LEW's latest album, Lullacry, on Apple Music.