Lauv plays an acoustic version of The Other’ and covers Bieber and Bloodpop’s ‘Friends’

Buro Backseat

Text: Tracy Phillips

Video: Palani Thanapalan

Fresh from opening for Ed Sheeran and playing his biggest arena to date, Lauv spills on upcoming releases, the band he wishes he was part of, and who he likes better

A born romantic, Ari Leff (better known as Lauv) wrote his first love song when he was just 13 — before he even had his first relationship. Now 23, the singer-songwriter continues to croon from the heart, using his sweet falsetto and faint electronic beats to get people grooving to tales of heartbreak and self-discovery.

Much of Lauv's currently released material focuses on the time when he was 18 and just arrived in New York to pursue music. Instead of putting out an album, he's releasing each song as a single and adding them to a growing Spotify playlist. Dubbed 'I Met You When I Was 18', it's chronological to let fans in on his journey. So far, this playlist features several radio hits like 'I Like Me Better', 'The Other' and most recently, 'Paris in the Rain' which Lauv has dubbed his most romantic song yet. 

Watch the video above to find out how Lauv first heard that he was going on tour with Ed Sheeran and that Singapore is his biggest arena show to date — his parents and sister even flew in to be present. This probably wouldn't be the case for long though, with Lauv set to kick off his first headline tour in January 2018, starting in North America and taking him to Australia and all across Europe.

Catch this rising star sing his song, 'The Other' in the acoustic style he originally wrote it in and cover the Bieb's and Bloodpop's pop ditty, 'Friends' here on Buro Backseat.  

Lauv performed as the opening act for Ed Sheeran in Singapore on 11 and 12 November at Singapore Indoor Stadium. Thanks to Feedback Asia and Jeep"Go Anywhere Do Anything" with the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit.  

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