Lauv: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #129

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Text: Lauv

Lauv shares the music he’s loving at the moment ahead of his performance in Singapore this weekend

These are some songs I've been listening to lately. Sasha Sloan has written some big songs for other artists but it's always really exciting to watch songwriters release their own music. I think she's super special and her song, 'Ready Yet' has such a vibe. I'm lucky to call Marshmello a friend. His music and message is really inspiring and refreshing. 'Wolves', featuring Selena Gomez is at its core a folk song but sonically that's totally reimagined.

I just love Maroon 5's 'Whiskey, there is no other way to put it. It reminds me of falling in love for the first time in New York City. 'Ghost White Dress' by TYSM is insane. The production is super minimal and weird but dope. The ghost sound...from Luigi's mansion, I think. I could never get tired of 'Lost In The World' by Kanye, it's one of my favourites from him. Sonically it's just so innovative and inspiring, and feels like it'll never sound dated.

Lauv will be opening for the Ed Sheeran concerts on 11 and 12 November at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.