Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #63: Laure Geneste

Beyond skin

Text: Laure Geneste

Parisian interior architect and yoga teacher, Laure Geneste, shares spacial sounds that expand our body's innate connection to the cosmos

As an interior architect and a yoga teacher, I think in terms of space. Not only the constructed space but the one we take with our presence, the one we fill with our energy, the one we share with others. Starting with The Space in Between from the one and only Nicolas Jaar and his crew came as an obvious choice for me to illustrate how our most inner emotions can fly. Nicolas has that rare talent to be able to do that and has swept me off my feet since 2012.

I discovered Dustin O'Halloran recently when his track, We Move Lightly was played by one of my yoga teachers and is an ode to the flow I would like to embrace in my practice. When we miss somebody our heart can cross oceans and Miss You from Trentemoller makes me feel that universal connection. 

Nightmare on Wax's, So Here We Are, evokes the sensuality of the present moment and I think everything becomes lighter when we are in the now. I end with Nicolas Jaar again and his totally moody and sexy Avalanche, a Leonard Cohen cover he did with Sasha, the daughter of Steven Spielberg, like a siren song to the shore of our souls.

Laure Geneste is currently working on a five-star hotel in St Germaine and getting her yoga website up and running. For her other interior design work, click here.