Here's what went down at Laneway Festival 2016

Here's what went down at Laneway Festival 2016

Festival of festivals

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Instagram

Ice popsicles, human jenga and some seriously sick tunes: Here are Instagram's best from the 13,000 punters who attended Laneway Festival 2016

1. People were really into popsicles.
They couldn't get enough of the icy treats from Momolato and Popaganda. They took selfies, held them up against a crowd and sucked on them senseless.

@maxenemagalona | Watermelon kiwi 

@kellytsees | i came to #lanewaysg for the popsicles.

2. The rare fan and artist photo ops.
Fans and musicians got chummy with the likes of The 1975, Shamir and Thundercat. 

@kimeunhyung | Ladies, be jealous. With @trumanblack at @lanewayfestsg. I still can't believe I managed to catch @the1975 's set! It was really awesome  

@befournat | Called it off with a major cutie thank you @shamir326!!! 

@timdecotta | So that's me trying to have the same hair as @thundercatbass #Thundercat with #blankverse @musepoetica photo-bomb to make it complete... I can die now.

3. A giant creature roamed the grounds of Gardens by the Bay.
We wonder how much he was paid to stand tall, rock the pathway like it's his runway and enjoy good music. Where can we sign up? 

@rosarioko | Sakang-aroo

4. Some serious cloud porn was in action.
Because if you're not quite digging the act your friend's really into, you can always just stare at the sky. 

@dawnjeremiah | A bit difficult to find a festival/concert venue better than this one.

5. Laneway's embroidered entry band was a handy accessory.
Move aside flower crowns, crop tops and lace kaftans: The real drama lies in the details.

@mil__lim | music is my mantra .live what you love. 

@jody.chennn | Scorching, sunny Saturday at Laneway

6. Festival grub's always a highlight.
Super Loco made an entrance with their makeshift mascot, while other diners showed off their food finds.

@wearesuperloco | Rumour has it ... Super Loco tacos at Laneway festival! 

dineshb most go for the music, @heyrozz and i go for the food. while @the1975 were singing about chocolate, i was face deep in this scrumptious bowl of spicy pork belly from @iskinacebusingapore. worth every calorie.

8. There was always something to do in between sets.
Resident alkies Sailor Jerry and Monkey Shoulder ensured that people kept busy letting loose with some good old girl-on-girl arm battles and human Jenga. 

@lanewayfestsg | Get your testosterone pumping like erm.. these girls with arm-wrestling and foosball matches here at @sailorjerry's Tiki Throwdown tent! 

@francescasoh | Have you ever played a Jenga so huge?

9. Stage pictures let us in on the view from the other side.
CHVRCHES's third show in Singapore meant they really knew what to keep the local crowd going, while Laneway virgins Cashew Chemists charmed international audiences with their homegrown brand of music.

@chvrches | Sweaty but happy after our show in Singapore tonight   

@cashewchemists | Yo. Singapore. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. That is all.@cashewchemists | Yo. Singapore. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. That is all.

10. International artists had some down time before and after the festival.
First-timer Flume treated himself to a view of Marina Bay Sands by day, while our #WomanCrushWednesday Grimes spent the evening on the 57th floor

@flumemusic | Singapore is confusing.. #viewfromhotel 

@actuallygrimes | World princess part III, photo by @hanatruly 

Laneway Festival took place on 30 January at Gardens by the Bay. For more festival coverage, click here.