#ManCrushMonday: KSHMR

#ManCrushMonday: KSHMR


Text: Rina Sariff

Image: Instagram | @kshmr

Performing at Sunburn Festival in India is 28-year-old DJ, producer and musician Niles Hollowell-Dhar, also known as KSHMR. Here's a teaser of what to expect with our 5 song picks

1. Secrets
Produced by KSHMR and Tiësto, this song has raked up millions of YouTube views and is more than just a tune you get turnt up to in the club. While the track started of with lyrics proposing a rogue sensual adventure, it progresses to something deeper in the perspective of a woman. "Show me your darkest, baby, show me your deepest," suggests her lover.

2. Wildcard
Featuring songstress Sidnie Tipton, Wildcard reveals a coquette who's just in it for the money. We all know that one woman who plays it cool by saying she isn't like any other, only to fall into the tired, gold-digger stereotype. "You crossed your fingers and wished upon a shooting star, but now you're dealin' with a wildcard," she taunts.

3. Extreme

Another collaboration with Tipton, Extreme sees KSHMR roping in Bassjackers for some serious aural pleasure of a song that highlights the rush of physical intimacy.

4. Memories

Another joint collaboration with Bassjackers, this piece takes on a sentimental approach with vocalist Sirah. As seen in its music video, Memories tackles a controversial topic of bisexuality as the protagonist turns her partner into a memory — an ideal song for those still haunted by the ghosts of their former partners.

5. Radiohead's Creep

Giving a fresh new take on Radiohead's classic Creep, KSHMR's rendition stars a mysterious singer who refuses to be credited. Released just weeks ago, the song drew divided reactions from fans of the American producer. 

KSHMR performs at Sunburn Festival in India on 31 December. For last week's #ManCrushMonday, click here.