KFC: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #117

Simple times

Text: Keith Colaco

Music director of the Lo Behold Goup and DJ KFC shares his downtime playlist

This list will probably reveal how old I am! These are some tracks from my go to playlist when I'm in need of a time out away from all the noise, distractions and when I need to be in a good place. They're mostly from the '80s, which never fails to take me back to that time of my life which was pretty carefree and when I was really starting to explore and experience all sorts of music. I also play this a lot when my son is around — have to inculcate this from young.

'Moments in Love' by Art of Noise is a timeless classic. The pacing of this song is so hypnotic. The cover of Smokey Robinson's hit, 'I Second that Emotion' is my favourite Japan track. David Sylvian's vocals have such a unique quality and they were such an underrated band.

'Fade Into You' by Mazzy Star is a song I love playing on the guitar and I'm still in love with Hope Sandoval's lazy sexy vocals. One of my favourite bands is Lloyd Cole and the Commotions and their track, 'From The Hip' is a throwback to when I was waiting for IJ girls at Toa Payoh bus interchange! I listened to this album so much, the tape broke.

'Follow your Bliss' is one of the more chill tracks by The B-52s but it still has their signature Californian beach vibe all over it. 'Circus' from the B side of Eric Clapton's Unplugged Album is a haunting ode to his son Connor that never fails to bring on the waterworks. Damn onions!

Keith Colaco a.k.a. DJ KFC is the music director for The Lo & Behold Group. You can listen to him on SoundCloud or catch him spin at the upcoming Bestival Bali on 30 September and 1 October.