We chat with multi-hyphenate Keyana on her debut single ‘Save It’

We chat with multi-hyphenate Keyana on her debut single ‘Save It’

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Text: Sophie Hong

You already know her as a model, dancer, and choreographer. Now you can add another hyphenate to Keyana's title, because she just dropped her musical debut with ‘Save It'. Buro. chats with the multi-hyphenate about her music, her inspiration, and what we can expect from her.

What made you want to venture into music as well?

I have always loved singing but never had the courage to venture into it. After all the encouragement from my friends, I decided to give it a shot! I gave myself some time to explore and improve, and since then, I've fallen in love with the process of writing and making music.

How would you describe your music?

I can't find a better word than just "vibe". I want people to listen to my music and groove and sing along to it.

Talk us through the process of writing ‘Save It'. What inspired it, and what's the message that you want listeners to take away from it?

The process of writing ‘Save It' was very enjoyable. With the help of flightsch, and him understanding that I was new to making music, everything flowed smoothly. The initial inspiration of the song came from a place of heartache, rooted from lost love. But I realised that out of the heartache and pain, there's that element of self-improvement. I'd like for the song to encourage and assure anyone from that heartbreak that things will always get better - stop flamin', start reclaiming.

We chat with multi-hyphenate Keyana on her debut single ‘Save It’ (фото 1)
Keyana's new single, 'Save It'

Name some artists that you're dying to collaborate with.

There's definitely many international artists that I'd like to collaborate with, but if we're talking about Southeast Asia, it definitely has to be SonaOne and ALYPH.

What can we expect from Keyana the musician next?

Much more music, and for people to get to know the real me a lot better through my future songs.

Listen to 'Save It' here.

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