Kehlani in Singapore: 5 essential songs

Kehlani in Singapore: 5 essential songs


Text: Rachel Chan

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This Oakland-born R&B singer started her music career at a tender young age of 16, carving a name for herself with her compelling yet honey voice. Listen to these five songs from SweetSexySavage before Kehlani’s concert in Singapore

1. 'Gangsta'
We bet you can almost picture Margot Robbie jumping into the huge vat of gunk as she turns into Harley Quinn in DC Comics' Suicide Squad with Kehlani's haunting vocals in the background. 'Gangsta' is probably in the playlist of every fan of the villain and overplayed one too many times, but we're keeping this in our list as the song was pivotal in shooting Kehlani to fame.

2. 'Keep On'
The 22-year-old kickstarts her album with this heartbreaking song which blended very well together with an apologetic intro in the beginning. Singing "And you just keep on takin' me back / And I don't know why you do / 'Cause I'm no good to you", the mellow pumping beats will keep you tapping your feet along as you look back on all the bad stuff you ever did in your relationship.

3. 'CRZY'
Instead of feeling sorry for herself, this power anthem is an ode to her troubled past, where she found herself homeless and sleeping from couch to couch in Los Angeles. Kehlani worked odd jobs to pay for her high school fees, and also resorted to stealing food and clothes from Walgreens and Walmart, which got her banned.

4. 'Thank You'
Keeping true to the cathartic nature of SweetSexySavage, Kehlani belts out a soothing and sincere tone about how she's still growing up and making mistakes along the way, but is still thankful for the people who have stayed throughout her hardships. This can also be referenced to rapper and entrepreneur Nick Cannon, who set Kehlani up with a home when she had nothing left. We suggest hugging your loved ones after listening to this one.

5. 'Hold Me By The Heart'
Bring out the tissues for this tearjerker. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar, Kehlani writes about feeling at her lowest, and needing someone there for her. "Pick up the pieces / Help me learn to stand / Lift me from the ground and use your hands / To hold me by the heart / Tell me I'll be whole again". Back in 2016, the singer attempted suicide after rumours sparked about her cheating on professional basketballer Kyrie Irving with Canadian rapper and ex-boyfriend Partynextdoor, where he stayed by her side while she was in hospital.

Kehlani will be performing on 23 May, 8pm at [email protected] Box Singapore. Get your tickets here.
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