Kampong Boogie: Buro. Singapore New Year's Eve Playlist #184

Night to day


Editor: Tracy Phillips

This playlist functions as a celebratory late night list of classic favourites from the Kampong Boogie's vaults. They are tried-and-tested classics that elevate the spirit and get the feet into a dancing frenzy. The playlist travels from upbeat house anthems to herald the New Year before transitioning into the early hours of a brand new day. With this musical selection, I hope you feel inspired not just to revel into the night but to the rise to the occasion with wonder. Culturally, the nights are best celebrated with a good dance to shake out our physical systems and release endorphins that are driven by the beat of a 4-by-4 house drum beat. As the night turns into day, the tempo slows down and toward the end of the playlist, beautiful hopeful songs celebrate the glorious sunshine with joyful optimism. 

Lionel Richie's 'All Night Long' is a Kampong Boogie favourite especially towards the end of the night when everyone refuses to go home, requesting for another track after five encores. It's a living testament to the fact that people will do anything for good music throughout the night. 'Una Pa Celia' by Kansado is a track that Funk Bst*d loves to play. It's an artist from his label, Darker Than Wax, another perennial Kampong Boogie favourite that has people flipping the switch from a Latin fiesta party tune to mid-tempo future beat vibes.

The Bucketheads aka Kenny Dope's 'The Bomb'  is so damn infectious that it proves just how a couple of great funky samples can set you loose. Into the early morning, Bill Withers nails it with just the right words. Even when the world seems impossible, this song can bring a smile to your face. Likewise with 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine', it's a reminder of the great glorious solar energy that keeps our spirits alive during the day. 

MC SWTLKR is the main penghulu aka kampong chief & MC at the Kampong Boogie NYE Blowout at Overeasy Orchard. In their kampong there are no barriers, there are no limits, there are no differences, they celebrate all, love all and serve all with kindness.

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