Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #77: Joshua Adjodha


Text: Joshua Adjodha

Co-founder of Kilo Lounge Joshua Adjodha shares the artists he's listening to right now ahead of the club's reopening

This playlist represents how I feel at this particular moment: From being in a relationship, to staying focused, moving forward, and after all the hard work, finally reopening Kilo Lounge.

An artist like Leon Bridges is someone I listen to often. Although his sound is classic, late-'60s soul, his modern take on it is refreshing and sounds like nothing else out there. His music feels honest and full of love, and at the moment I connect a lot with the entire album. For a song like Jimi Jules' Bullshit People, aside from having such a dope funky beat, just as the title points out, I relate with what the lyrics represent: Cut the noise, f**k the bullshit and just keep moving and stay focused. That's what I get from this song — thanks to Maurice Simon for putting me on to this one. 

Another artist I've been listening to is Russ, a young hip-hop producer and rapper who came from nothing and is just starting to make it on his own without taking any record deals. His entire album is about coming up and making something of yourself. I find it inspiring when working on projects as a reminder of how far I've come — from arriving in Singapore five years ago, being broke and wanting to create things. There's still a long way to go, but this dude's music and tracks like What They Want will be in my ears along the way. The chorus of I Feel Blessed by Big Sean feat. Drake says it all. I feel lucky, fortunate, and humbled to be able to do what I love every day alongside my friend and partner Javier Perez who I'm sure is a fan of Kanye West's verse on this track!

The rest of the songs are tracks and artists that inspire me not to just create, but to be part of the music scene in Singapore and to contribute platforms for its growth. This year, I was fortunate enough to go to places I've never been to before such as Amsterdam and Ibiza. They're such havens for electronic music, and getting a chance to see artists like &ME perform for massive crowds of people motivates me to eventually have artists like that perform for crowds just as big in Singapore, just like what EDM DJs do. When I listen to these tracks I visualize the progress of the new lounge: How people will react to it and the doors it might open for the music scene in Southeast Asia.

We're hoping for Kilo Lounge to become a lot more than just a club or another party place. 

Before reopening this December, Kilo Lounge is throwing a series of pop up parties called A SERIES OF INTENTIONS on 18, 19 and 25 November. For more information, click here.