Josaiah Chong: Buro Singapore #180

Wiggle it

Text: Josaiah Chong

This playlist is for whenever you feel the need to put a little bounce in your step. Whether things are good, bad, or just fine, there's never not a reason to have that little wiggle wherever you are. The tracks in this playlist bring together my past, present and perpetual love for a good groove. They're also a collection of old and new, showing how great music remains fresh no matter the era. From Singapore to Berlin, these tracks carry memories of people and places that have made me feel welcomed, loved and given me the capacity to love in return. In short, this playlist is about joy and the expression of joy through dance. 

That is why I chose the first track, 'Emotional Tendencies' from Spencer Parker's new album aptly titled Dance Music. It's a lovely lead-in, setting the tone for a musical journey filled with warmth and sexiness. Dance Music has been on constant rotation in the last few weeks for me. It is a beautiful 22-track arrangement of good, unpretentious dance music from an amazingly talented producer and DJ. I followed it up with an evergreen that I'm sure a lot of old Zoukers will remember, 'Rock Wit You  Yoruba Mix Dub'. This track always reminds me of my first steps into clubland when it used to be a Velvet Underground anthem. The last time I heard this was two months ago when Joy Orbison dropped it in Panoramabar and the smooth sexy restraint sounded just as fresh as when I heard it years before in Velvet. 

I.D.3 picks up the tempo with an upbeat, bass number. 'Deadbeat' has been a favourite of mine because of his knack of marrying reggae, dub and house or techno in the most sublime manner. Minute 1:26 is a particular highlight when the warmest, fullest bass kicks in. Listen with a good pair of headphones. If you're not moving by this point, you might want to get yourself checked out.

Zouk Main Room nostalgia kicks in with the next tracks, 'Needin U' by David Morales and 'Black Water' by Octave One. These evergreen tracks remind me of a time when dance music was an education you could only get on the dance floor. These tracks were a revelation to me that in a time when "techno" was an umbrella term for 140bpm shallow beats with pitched up vocals, there were tracks like these that were sexy, groovy and simply excellent. I still often hear this in Panoramabar, and the crowd response is just as, or maybe even more ecstatic as when I heard it for the first time. These sit high up in my list of favourite tracks and are a surefire mood uplifter for me.

'Transient' by Mr. G could very well be one of the sexiest tracks I've heard in recent years. This track hits you in the hips as it rolls along with punchy beats supporting stirring vocals urging everybody to get up on their feet. I'd describe this track as almost contemplative. Deep and soulful — it'll definitely get you up on your feet.

Josaiah Chong is a creative designer based in Berlin with very deep roots in Singapore. Find his work on Instagramon his official site, or at his art print and apparel side-project.

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