Jasmine Sokko talks us through her debut ep, Nº

Jasmine Sokko talks us through her debut ep, Nº

Dancing debut

Text: Adibah Isa

Listen to Jasmine Sokko's debut EP, Nº, recently released on 13 Orphans Records

1. '1057'
"It's a stylized reference of the word "LOST". It is an anthem that champions the struggle for individuality in a world that carelessly defines people by the number of their virtual followers and intangible thumbs-ups. The first line of the lyrics came from one of my tweets from really long ago. I would like to think that ZHU's 'Faded' and Disclosure's 'Settle' have influenced my production and songwriting even though 1057 ended up pretty far from how they sound."

2. '600D'
"This is a song for people-pleasers when they realize the world doesn't crumble at the very moment if they were to say no. I only took one week to create the entire song! Also, not-so-fun fact: I've never cried so much in a week because the thought of having to finish a song within a week (on top of school, performances, other commitments) is insane. There wasn't much time for me to experiment so I adopted a less-is-more mindset. The production was minimal and angry — a relatively fair reflection of my fiery side in sound form."

3. 'Porcupine'
"The 'porcupine dilemma' — a metaphor capturing the difficulty of human intimacy. Just as how porcupines are impeded by their spikes to cuddle for warmth during winter, humans become socially crippled by the emotional distance they create around people out of self-protection. In reference to the line, 'Loneliness is a crowded word', as isolated as the word 'loneliness' might mean, it is packed with alphabets just like how a large pool of mankind experiences this form of isolation."

4. 'H20'
"The production is arguably quite experimental and extreme in terms of structure and arrangement. The song progresses from the spacious verse to a crowded drop with auto-tuned vocals, crazy drum patterns all at once. I worked with electronic artist Yllis on this one, knowing that he has a more experimental background which helped expand the production vocabulary."

5. '2D'
"It feels as though life is a boring two-dimensional game that restarts every morning. 2D is a vocal-driven song and for that, I roped vocal producer Jason Gelchen in to assist me in stacking my voice — at least 28 layers. I like how harmonies are not just confined to complement the main melody. Instead, harmonies sometimes run on their own trajectories and yet still accompany the main tune. Pretty. Damn. Sick."  

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