3 ways Jamie xx contributed to The xx's latest album, I See You

3 ways Jamie xx contributed to The xx's latest album, I See You


Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Facebook | Jamie xx

After Jamie xx's solo debut, In Colour, the producing genius returned to The xx for their latest album, I See You

1. In Colour was made so that Jamie xx would stop going insane
"My solo stuff was something I needed to do between two xx albums just to stop myself going insane on tour," said Jamie xx (also known as James Thomas Smith) in an interview. Together with Oliver Sims and Romy Madley Croft, they trio form The xx, the broody bunch that has even contributed to a Baz Luhrmann soundtrack — 'Together', for The Great Gatsby.

2. In Colour propelled the band to move forward with I See You
While Sim and Madley Croft made guest appearances on Jamie xx's solo record, In Colour was pretty much the producer's baby. Released in 2015, it was even nominated for the Mercury and Grammy awards. Going to his live shows lit a fire for the remaining members. "It drove us to work on the songs that we had to make sure that they were the best songs they could be," said Sim in an interview.

3. Jamie xx was responsible for those stellar samples
One noticeable upgrade in I See You is The xx's frequent use of samples, introduced by Jamie xx. Co-produced with Rodaidh McDonald, the album features samples from the likes of Hall & Oates, the Alessi Brothers and even Drake. The tone of love song, 'Say Something Loving', was set by Jamie xx, who chose the '70s Californian soft rock duo Alessi Brothers singing "Before it slips away" to carry the song. "I could inject a little more of my own personality," shared Jamie xx on the new album.

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