5 songs we love from Jake Bugg’s latest album, Hearts That Strain

5 songs we love from Jake Bugg’s latest album, Hearts That Strain


Text: Rachel Chan

Image: Facebook | Jake Bugg

Ahead of his solo acoustic concert in Singapore on 28 April, we chart some of the British folk singer’s songs about love

1. 'Waiting ft. Noah Cyrus'
Opening with a good old ‘60s vibe, Jake Bugg sings about waiting for his lover, never knowing whether she'll come back. Funnily enough, Bugg has never met the younger sister of pop singer Miley Cyrus even during the recording of this song.

2. 'Indigo Blue'
Probably our favourite track from the album, the 24-year-old sets a melancholic tone where he sings about trying to forget that his relationship is over. "My body is bruised / The colour of indigo blue / My mind confused / Why I'm no one that you choose / I wish the noise would cover up my conscience voice / Every bad dream I'm told that it's not my choice / From the top of this mountain / Beyond the horizon / Indigo blue / Colouring the rest of our lives". Accompanied by a piano, its tune is oddly calming despite the sad lyrics.

3. 'Southern Rain'
With a catchy beat coupled with Bugg's croons, he writes about trudging through the day and hoping that his heartache would end soon. This song is perfect for those days where you would just like to curl up into a ball and do the bare minimum.

4. 'Bigger Lover'
They say that in a relationship, one person would always love more than the other, and Bugg manages to capture the one-sided 'l'amour fou' in this other smooth and upbeat track. Singing "Few times a day I think of my lover / One of us I know is missing the other / Without me, I don't think you would suffer / Friends tell me I'm crazy that I love her", this just hit us right in the feels.

5. 'Every Colour In The World'
One of the more heartbreaking songs in the album, Bugg's emotions come through with his sombre haunting vocals, amplifying the fact that everything is means nothing without a special person in his life.

Jake Bugg will be performing in Singapore on 28 April, 8pm to 10pm at *SCAPE The Ground Theatre.

Listen to his new album, Hearts That Strain, on Spotify. For last week's #ManCrushMonday, click here.

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