Iron & Wine: 5 songs to calm your nerves before his concert

Iron & Wine: 5 songs to calm your nerves before his concert


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The American folk singer is finally in Singapore for the first time. Here are five songs to check out from his latest album, Beast Epic, before he takes the stage tonight

1. 'Call It Dreaming'
Sam Beam, the man behind Iron & Wine, brought back more of his folkish tunes that he's famed and loved for in this sixth studio album. Released as the first single off Beast Epic, this is probably one of the more uplifting songs, where Beam croons about embracing those bad days and living your best life anyway, and that things will get better.

2. 'Song in Stone'
"Where the older songs painted a picture of youth moving wide-eyed into adulthood's violent pleasures and disappointments, this collection speaks to the beauty and pain of growing up after you've already grown up," said the 43-year-old in a statement about Beast Epic. Keeping true to the nature of it, Beam ups the ante by bringing a melancholic mood in this track about trying to handle the feeling of being lost.

3. 'Last Night'
Don't be fooled by the upbeat accompaniment of just strings and a glockenspiel — it's meant to be a bittersweet song on finding comfort that a relationship is coming to an imminent end. Beam's calming vocals mixed with his ability to deliver all sorts of emotions are also evident in this number, as he sings, "It's all that we do, it's all we don't / Breathe deep in others' tears / Let them rumble and come when they come in their long waves".

4. 'Bitter Truth'
You know it's a good song when it feels almost cathartic, and Beam does that best with his lyrics. Lifting up the rose-tinted lenses in a relationship, he chronicles the pointing of fingers between him and his lover, leading to ugly unspoken sentiments. Towards the end of the track, Beam hits us hard with one line: "Nothing makes silence like experience".

5. 'Summer Clouds'
One of the slower songs in the album, Beam leaves us in a tranquil daze with its silky tunes; where his voice falls into a slight, heartbreaking whisper as he shares about greed and taking too much in life.

Iron & Wine will be performing live on 14 May at the Capitol Theatre.
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