'Honey': Listen to Robyn's title track from her first album in seven years

'Honey': Listen to Robyn's title track from her first album in seven years

Sweet as honey

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"I got your honey, baby"

Swedish pop musician and songwriter Robyn knows what she is doing. Her Body Talk album trilogy in 2010 was Grammy-nominated, achieved global success and has since become a blueprint for mainstream pop music (Taylor who?). Those unfamiliar with her extensive catalog or ballsy demeanour will only have to listen to her cover of Björk's 'Hyperballad' from 2010, which she performed with Björk listening intently from the front row. While cult singles such as 'Dancing on My Own' got the gays sweating on the dancefloor, the singer took some time off to grief the break-up of her relationship with Max Vitali (they have since reunited) as well as the death of her close friend and collaborator Christian Falk.

When an early version of 'Honey' was teased during the final season of Lena Dunham's Girls last year, her fans rallied her comeback and called to hear the full track, but Robyn would not be rushed. It’s right there in the song’s opening lines: “No, you’re not gonna get what you need/But baby, I have what you want.” But, goddamnit, it was worth the wait. Stop what you're doing, shut the door, minimize all tabs, pop on your noise-cancelling headphones and hit play below. This work of art demands all of your attention and senses.

'Honey' isn't her comeback single though. It's the second taste of Robyn's upcoming album, titled, simply, Honey. It was the whirring 'Missing U', which appropriately reminded that even though eight years have passed since her last full-length offering, Robyn's music has only grown more profoundly powerful for a new generation who are finding themselves, both on and off the dance floor.

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