Heidi Lahtinen: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #127

Beyond words

Text: Heidi Lahtinen

Content Strategist Heidi Lahtinen lets the music do the talking

This list of tracks has become my go-to playlist for any moment. I use it to adjust the energy from day to night, from work to a quiet evening or just as my cooking soundtrack during the weekend. I love the combination of mellow yet uplifting songs with lyrics that carry a weight and can be relatable.

One of the reasons I started building this playlist was to find songs that would express my thoughts beyond my own words. Everyone now communicates through some type of content, whether it's a GIF, sticker, emoji, tagging friends on social feeds or through songs. The beauty of communicating through content is that you can borrow someone else's content to tell your own story. Sometimes someone else's content helps to deliver your message in a way your own words couldn't. Music can help to convey that same feeling you got from a song to someone else. Easier than trying to describe the feeling with words.

"Warm" by SG Lewis was the first song my boyfriend sent me when we first started dating. I remember trying to interpret it in on so many levels and it still brings me back to that giddy phase of meeting someone new. "Moon Tattoo" by Sofi Tukker is one of my current favourites, somehow every time I listen to it, it transfers me to this tropical state of mind and makes me feel like having a drink. Or it might be just be because it has palm trees in the cover.

I've been listening to a lot of HONNE lately and the track "3am" has a really calming effect on me. This the first song I usually put on when I start walking back home from the office. It has this happy tone to it that smoothly transfers me from my workday to the evening. It's a very comforting song to me. "Sunset Lover "by Petit Biscuit is song I play on repeat when flying. It has a nice vibe to it and even though you are surrounded by people, and often everyone around you is sleeping, this song brings a certain kind of solitude to me.

"First impressions" by Kele is my cooking tune, it's my ode, a love song to whatever I am making, be it baking bread, or making salmon soup or any kind of lunch or dinner. Cooking is like a form of meditation to me, I can't even think of anything else when I'm in the cooking zone.

Heidi Lahtinen is a content strategist at BBH. You can see her work on the social media channels of Red Bull, IKEA and Uber. If you are interested, she's looking for witty people to join the team.