Hazel Tan: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #124

Guitar heavy

Text: Hazel Tan

Hazel Tan, marketing/PR manager of Fred Perry Singapore shares new and current favourites ahead of the upcoming Subculture Live event

I grew up watching most of these tracks' music videos on MTV and some are new favourites discovered through recent gigs, Spotify (and its amazing algorithm) and Fred Perry's global music initiative called Subculture – a platform responsible for spotlighting up-and-coming and extremely exciting British acts such as Cosmo Pyke and Sundara Karma.

'Our Time is Now' by Astreal is easily one of my favourite songs by a local band! Classic Astreal amped up. Incidentally, Ginette used to be my lecturer back at LaSalle too, so I've always known of her contributions to both the music and fashion scenes and I have great respect for her. Little did I know we would be working together years down the road, and now at the upcoming Subculture Live next Friday. 'Can't Stand Me Now' by The Libertines is old but gold, and impossible to not dance and sing along to.

'Social Sites' by Cosmo Pyke is the perfect song to unwind to in the evenings and on an easy Sunday morning. His style reminds me a lot of King Krule too — loads of reggae, rap, jazz and soul. Sundara Karma is one of the most exciting acts I caught at Dot to Dot Festival in Bristol last year, with a superb stage presence. Their track, 'Flame' is such an electrifying tune — I was an instant convert!

'Coffee and TV' by Blur is my favourite song from the quintessential British band. The music video plays in my head whenever this song is on — that walking milk carton is still my absolute fave. 

Fred Perry Subculture Live is happening on 13 October at the Esplanade Annexe Studio. Register for free entry before 11 October here. After midnight, The Council takes over with house and techno soundscapes within the same venue. For more ticketing details, visit The Council