Hanging Up The Moon: Buro 247/ Singapore Playlist #153

Wrapped in melody

Text: Sean Lam

Sean Lam (also known as Hanging Up the Moon) is back with his fourth album and shares the playlist that inspired it

Here's an eclectic selection of songs that sums up my influences as a songwriter as well as a track from my latest release, It's All Here Somewhere. While they may vary in terms of style, I'm drawn to all of them because of their story telling qualities as well as the mood and feel they project.

Two of the tracks in this playlist feature music from my friends, Leslie Low and Kitchen.label mate, Darren Ng (SONICBRAT). Both of whom have contributed to the HUTM sound, past and present. Low's music always captures the imagination. Although his latest songs can't be found on Spotify, 'Big Road' from his 2014 release — 'No Such Thing As Ghosts' — is still a great example of Low's ability to take listeners on a journey. While 'Murmurations III' may be an instrumental piece, Ng's fluid and effortless style of piano playing also tells a story by evoking images and memories in one's mind.

I've been a long time fan of The Divine Comedy and 'Our Mutual Friend' is a great example of what I love about Neil Hannon's songwriting. His lyrics are almost always witty and full of wry humor. Neil's crooner style of singing coupled with the chamber pop hook-laden music never fails to put me in a good mood.

Speaking of interesting vocals, I'm drawn to Bill Callahan's deep baritone voice. I've been listening to his albums quite a lot in the last couple of years. His songs are instrumentally sparse and minimal, yet they hold so much depth and emotions even when his singing can be deadpan at times. I'd recommend listening to 'Riding For The Feeling' with a whisky in hand. 'Little Person' by Jon Brion is a timeless and beautiful song written for the movie, Synecdoche. Brion is an established producer and film score composer but more than that, he is also a songwriter at heart.

Hanging Up The Moon's fourth and latest album,'It's All Here Somewhere' is a repository of poignant memories, unspoken fears and faltering hope. Sean is joined once again by long-time collaborators Alexius Cai, Dean Aziz and Victor Low. 'It's All Here Somewhere' also features Darren Ng (SONICBRAT) and Andy Chia (SA) on selected tracks. Album out now and available as 180gm in hand numbered vinyl LP and digital and in stores at Hear Records, Vinyl Kakis, Curated Records & The Analog Vault.