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Daily hustle

Text: Rhyce Lein

GM of GuavaPass, Rhyce Lein, shares his Friday afternoon playlist that will take you from workout, to the office, to drinks with friends

I set my alarm at 6:10am every day, and other than a cold shower and a coffee, music is the only thing that really energises me and gets me ready to face the day. I literally can't walk more than 200 metres without my headphones - they're pretty much glued to my ears! As General Manager of GuavaPass Singapore, my day is always jam-packed with a mix of meetings, workouts, and socialising. I'm always on the go, and my playlist really gets me through. Part of my job involves scouting out all of the hot new studio fitness classes across the city to make sure they're a good fit for GuavaPass. During these group fitness classes, music often plays an integral role, so I'm always using Shazam to find my favourite tracks so I can download them to my own playlists.

The theme for this particular playlist is Daily Hustle - it's a mix of nostalgic favourites and a few current hits, which combine to create a super upbeat, energetic mix which keeps me in a great mood all day. Mindfulness is a big part of our focus at GuavaPass, and music can be a great way to achieve a positive mindset. 

The cover of 'No Diggity' is what shot Chet Faker (Nick Murphy) into the spotlight, but I remember seeing him live in Melbourne around 10 years ago and have followed his stuff ever since. I love how chilled this track is - it makes me feel super relaxed as soon as I hear it. Kendrick Lamar's All the Stars from Black Panther... need I say more?

I hadn't actually heard of Dua Lipa before going to her concert earlier this year, and I've been a big fan ever since. She's extremely talented, and is such an inspiration given how much she's achieved at such a young age. 'One Kiss' is such a feel-good track. It definitely puts me in a weekend mood. Bloc Party' 'Banquet' takes me back to my college days in Australia. It reminds me of taking road trips to the beach with my friends so is guaranteed to put me in a great mood. It's also a great one to blast whilst at the gym or on a run - the beat is really motivational.

Teyana Taylor's dancing in Kanye's 'Fade' is one of the most epic things I've seen.

Rhyce Lein is the General Manager of Singapore for GuavaPass. Having launched in Singapore in 2015, GuavaPass is the region's leading wellness brand, offering a curated selection of unlimited fitness classes to members across Asia and the Middle East. 

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