Buro Backseat: Greyson Chance sings new single, No Fear and covers Sam Smith's Stay With Me

Second chances

Text: Tracy Phillips

Photo: Vanessa Caitlin

"I'm practically a local, lah!" One of Ellen DeGeneres' all time favourite discoveries, Greyson Chance is back in Singapore, all grown up with new music to share

The adorable YouTube sensation — whose cover of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi went viral with over 56 million views after being featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show — Greyson Chance makes his return with the EP, Somewhere Over My Head. But he's almost unrecognisable. With a voice that's now several tones lower, and music heroes to look up to like James Blake, he has an all-new sound too.

Aware of his all-American Oklahoman roots and child star status, I'll admit, I was expecting some carefullly well-rehearsed responses — but Chance was delightfully candid. He shares about what it was like to get dropped by his label and the possibility of an afterlife that has more booze and cigarettes than angels. Since we heard that ice-cream is one of his favourite things, we got him to answer questions over Fro Fro ice cream and cookie sandwiches, a modern twist on the iconic Singapore "ice cream uncle" ice cream sandwich.

Hear him sing an acapella version of his new single, No Fear, as well as a cover of a song he wishes he'd written, Sam Smith's Stay With Me.  

Special thanks to Kia for the Kia Sorento SUV and Universal Music. Greyson Chance performed in Singapore on 18 June at A Rooftop Affair.

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