Glen Wee: Buro. Singapore Lazy Morning Playlist:#193

Sounds in the city

Text: Glen Wee

Editor: Tracy Phillips

Image: Hosanna Swee

There are so many great songs that are made for picturesque mornings, but the laziest ones are my favourite. It's all feel-good, breezy air goodness, with just the right amount of groove. I'm up on my feet, walking straight back into my room. Armed with a steamy hot cup of coffee, I turn the volume up. Although most of the time what's really happening in my head is really just a version of myself, singing, dancing and having a good time.

We kick it off with "123" by Bart Oostindie. A song that completely took me along for the ride the entire way. Poetry in motion is one way to put it, and the delivery was polished. Dipping our toes into some modern R&B is Anderson Paak's 'The Bird' off his album Malibu. I was immediately hooked from the start of the track by that sweet guitar lick that set me off on such a chill mood. All of a sudden, the bass hits and I'm moving forward, like being caught in a wave, I'm being pushed. There's so much imagery with the lyrics that I get it; I'm in Malibu.

D'Angelo's "Feel Like Makin' Love" from the highly acclaimed album, Voodoo, kicks a groove cookin' so loose I almost break out into dance. This classic record shakes me loose from anything and turns my head bobbing up to its maximum. Birds chirping and warm morning sun rays is a typical way to describe a beautiful morning, but to do that in a song, it lives forever. "Sweet Time" by Raveena has graced my Sunday mornings with ease, and it's a song for any time. Maybe I'm a sucker for the sound of the harp and her sultry vocals, but the moment that bass line hits, I was sold.

Saving a personal favourite to wrap it all up, PJ Morton's version of "How Deep Is Your Love" featuring Yebba, took my world by storm. I grew up listening to the Bee Gees on my family road trips and I must have been only 10, but I caught the fever. To discover a version of the song I loved so much when I was little, this track holds a special place in my heart forever. I watched PJ Morton work his magic live at Bird's Basement in Melbourne, and my tears of absolute joy just couldn't stop rolling down my cheeks. It's the perfect tempo for a little side step action, nothing too fancy for a lazy start to the morning.

Glenn Wee is a Singapore-born and Melbourne based singer-songwriter who just dropped his brand new album Sounds In The City, coming a long way from experimenting with new sounds to settling his roots in contemporary folk and soul music.