Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #89: Ginette Chittick of Astreal

Lighting the way

Text: Ginette Chittick

Astreal's Ginette Chittick shares the songs that have inspired the band's 'C' sound and latest album, Light

I am truly a kid of the '90s, growing up listening to Britpop and shoegaze in my teenage years which I can't seem to get away from — even though I immersed myself in the music of current rock bands (especially since I was a resident rock DJ for seven years). Here are some of my picks for the tracks that have influenced the sound of my band Astreal. 

All Astreal songs are love songs and a huge influence on our songwriting comes from My Bloody Valentine. I'm also hugely influenced by My Bloody Valentine and Curve in terms of songwriting, with tracks like When You Sleep and Curve's Fair Accompli. Toni Halliday is the ultimate rock goddess who's underrated and massively influential. Without her, Garbage would have been just a cookie cutter band. 

Shoegaze is one of the reasons why I feel super lucky to have experienced the '90s as part of my formative years and Ride's song, Leave Them All Behind, is a dense eight minute audio slice of that time — the drum rolls, the guitar hooks, the singing and harmonies and that bassline are all so representative of the genre. My guitarist Muhammad and I caught them last year when they came for Neon Lights and it was a perfect night. I literally couldn't believe my ears.

The Cure was the band that turned me on to indie music. Before that I was very much a pop music fan, but my cousin left the album Disintegration with the track Same Deep Water at my place and I was hooked. The way the high hats were played in this song really fascinated me as I took long bus rides listening to my Walkman (remember those contraptions?). I write most of the words on Astreal's songs and I'm obsessed by how The Cure paints visuals with words. 

Every time I hear Primal Scream's Keep Your Dreams, I just feel as if something is lost and I can't get it back. A good song can drive you to feel emotions that don't necessarily reflect your current life situation. 

Astreal's latest album, Light, is now available on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play. Listen to it here