5 French music acts in Singapore you have to watch this May

5 French music acts in Singapore you have to watch this May

For the Francophiles

Text: Adibah Isa

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Yelle, Julien Doré, Traffic Beats, Worakls and Air are coming to Singapore. Here's a soundtrack of Paris, which is always a good idea

A duo (yes, it's not just that one woman) consisting of Julie Budet and Jean-François Perrier, Yelle does electronic pop in a flirty, fun and quirky way — something that Paris' manic pixie dream girls will skip to (apart from doing covers of Cœur de pirate, of course). With three albums to their name, Yelle's bilingual track 'Interpassion' released last month comes three years after Complètement fou.

Essential listening: 'Les femmes', a track off their debut release, Pop Up in 2007. While it speaks of the sweet pleasures of infatuation between two women, those bursts of endorphins are pretty much universally enjoyed.
Sounds like: That moment when your posse enters an elusive speakeasy — such as Little Red Door in Marais — and you know you're killing it in those "f*ck me" Valentino studded heels. You catch the eyes of the bartender, drown yourself in one too many cocktails and let the night unfold. Oh yes.
Save the date: 12 and 13 May, 8pm at National Museum of Singapore.

With his dreamy eyes and tousled blonde locks, 35-year-old Julien Doré makes his Singapore debut of his folk-pop sounds to a new audience. The winner of the fifth season of France's notable talent competition Nouvelle Star, he also comes from cultured stock — he's descended from one of France's most iconic 19th century illustrators, Gustave Doré.

Essential listening: 'Sublime & Silence', off his fourth album, &. A collection of love songs, Doré isolated himself in a chalet at Saint-Martin-Vésubie within the south French alps to write the album.
Sounds like: The accompaniment to a languid afternoon spent within the Four Seasons Hotel George V, a Parisian dining institution that houses three Michelin-starred restaurants — Le Cinq, L'Orangerie and Le George — from the latest Michelin update in February. Doré's melancholic track provides as much aural pleasure as the indulgent dollop of caviar that sits atop chef Christian Le Squer's sea bass in Le Cinq.
Save the date: 21 May, 8pm at Kallang Theatre.

With a brand new moniker to support his new live show, LOVE ROAD LIVE, Julian Marciano a.k.a Traffic Beats will please acid and deep house fans. Add in some rhythmic drums and you have a night of Chicago and Detroit influences as well. 

Essential listening: 'Smell', the last track of Traffic Beats' first four-track EP, Snapch, released last month.
Sounds like: 'Smell's energetic spirit is the right drive you need to jostle through fellow shoppers at at Forum des Halles, Paris' new retail haven located near The Louvre and Le Centre Pompidou, with 150 shops masked under glass and steel in what used to be the city's central produce market.
Save the date: 26 May, 10pm to 3am at Kilo Lounge.

Classically trained, 29-year-old Kevin Rodrigues combines his love for classical and film soundtracks with electronic music, which you can hear in his choice of instruments: Piano, violin, and brass. His stage name is pronounced the way you'd say "oracle", with a "w" and "s". 

Essential listening: While local DJ and supporting act Cats on Crack enjoys 'Adagio For Square' for a sunrise stunner, we favour the relaxed, uplifting melodies of 'Bleu'. What can we say? Allez les bleus!
Sounds like: A walk back to your Airbnb after a night out at La Clairière, a nightclub set within the Domaine De Longchamp in a huge public park, Bois De Boulogne. Venture out into the western fringe of inner Paris for this rural nest of hedonism that hosts the likes of Kavinsky and Solomun. 
Save the date: 26 May, 10pm to 3am at kyo

5. AIR
A band that needs no introduction, Air has supplied the soundtrack of your youth: The Virgin Suicides (which is no match to Netflix's 13 Reasons Why), 10 Things I Hate About YouLost in Translation and even Gossip Girl. Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel have recently released Twentyears, a compilation of their best hits.  

Essential listening: 'Sexy Boy', a synthpop lover's dream introduced in their 1997 debut, Moon Safari. It was used in 10 Things I Hate About You, in the scene when Joseph Gordon-Levitt — in his pubescent wonder — threw party flyers from a high school stairwell.
Sounds like: A flaneur exploring the newly-redesigned pedestrian promenade on the left bank of Paris, which now joins the right bank to form 6km of car-free ease. The sensual, atmospheric backdrop of 'Sexy Boy' is the right track to plug into as you wander through people-watching spots in the 16th arrondissement while the refurbishment of Place de la Republique slowly reveals itself, along with the Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris, expected to open on 3 October. 
Save the date: 27 May, 8.30pm at Esplanade Theatre.

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