Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #78: Freedom Yoga

Free your mind and body

Text: Elvina Cheong

Image: Freedom Yoga

Elvina Cheong of Freedom Yoga shares a playlist of feel-good finds to lift your spirits

This playlist is about invoking that sense of freedom and empowerment, like aural caffeine for a kick-start or a way to centre yourself at the end of a long work day. The songs aren't your run-of-the-mill yoga tunes, but I like incorporating these sort of tracks in my personal practice and sometimes, in our evening classes as well. It can be a bit corny when I play Justin Bieber's Love Yourself towards the end of my class, but I honestly love it! It serves as a (not so) subtle reminder for my students to love themselves, which is our philosophy at Freedom Yoga. We hope to get people to love yoga, and in turn better love themselves and the ones around them. 

I've chosen these tracks by listening to them as a collection rather than singling out individual artists. The playlist is particularly popular among the students in my evening classes, as I found it helps them unwind at the end of a long work day and injects a sense of joy. Through music, I hope to channel some good vibes and the sense of freedom to my students. I’ve found that even 15 minutes on the mat has an incredible ability to clear the mind and help me sort through the day's emotions. That’s the wonder of yoga: Being able to centre yourself and find your “happy place” wherever you are. Freedom to me is the complete liberation of mind and body, about being free to feel and to acknowledge whatever I feel, without judgment.

Freedom Yoga is a new yoga studio located at 137 Cecil Street. Book a class with introductory package rates at $16 per session, drop in for a 30-minute Energizer Express class during lunch or opt for private one-on-one lessons. Tel: 6222 6096.