Five new albums you need to listen to in May

Five new albums you need to listen to in May

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Text: Adibah Isa

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From Ellie Goulding's remix of that 50 Shades of Grey track to Brandon Flower's new solo effort, we chart the top tunes to get hooked onto

1. 50 Shades of Grey Remixed

50 Shades of Grey

For weeks since the movie's release, nobody could shut up about it, whether positively or negatively. The soundtrack was just as addictive as its hype, and this time, they've reloaded the tracks with remixes. Ellie Goulding's Love Me Like You Do is given the Gazzo treatment with his signature progressive house style, while AWOLNATION's cover of Bruce Springsteen's I'm On Fire is reimagined in a chilled out, electronic vibe.

2. Pitch Perfect 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Jessie J

The pitches are back — and what better way to accompany this season's most anticipated movie than with an equally pumped soundtrack. Expect soaring pop ballads such as Jessie J's Flashlight and Ester Dean's Crazy Youngsters, as well as covers from the Barden Bellas themselves.

3. The Desired Effect, Brandon Flowers 

Brandon Flowers The Desired Effect

It's been five years since Brandon Flowers' solo debut, Flamingo, and boy, has he kept us waiting. The Killers' front man returns with The Desired Effect, a record with the musician's signature new wave vocals over dance-rock anthems. The chorus in lead single Can't Deny My Love is notably catchy, with resounding back-up singers that will have you singing along. 

4. Wilder Mind, Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons Wilder Nights

There's always been a nostalgic quality to Mumford & Son's sound, and this is further amplified with Wilder Mind, their third record after Sigh No More and Babel. This release is filled with sad songs for lovers, with Marcus Mumford crooning "no flames burn forever/you and I both know too well" in the album's opener, Thompson Square Park. It's a grittier sound, with notable instrumental changes as well, so tread carefully if you're a die-hard Mumford fan.

5. California Nights, Best Coast

It's the duo's debut on major label Virgin EMI, and they've gone a lot rockier — alternatively, of course. There are still nuances of their previous two records, with Bethany Cosentino's mellow vocals and their signature early '90s shoegaze vibe. Like most of Best Coast's writing, it's an uninspired one for slow news days — times when you are literally, as title track California Nights croons in blasé fashion, "fading back and forth/I fly through my mind/I take the weight I've known." It's definitely one for long drives.