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Text: Fiona Xie

Listen to Fiona Xie's melancholic melodies ahead of her upcoming television and film appearances this July and August

July running through my dreams, midnight sun, light my fire, give me all your love. Keep it up, between the sheets, everything nice, nothing's gonna hurt you baby, don't cry. Futile devices, what's wrong, under your spell, the first thing you picture when you close your eyes, T.I.W.B.F, she's so untouchable, I need you, move closer, without you I'm nothing, vulnerable, get you, mystery of love. In all chaos there is a cosmos. In life, in music and everything in between. These are my midnight musings, a soft lull into Mr. Sandman's magic weave. 

'Fiona' by Jack and Rai is a funny song written for me that keeps all my friends giggling frantically like high school kids all over again. It cements my wonderfully tragic fate of being the blue bra girl with the big eyes running down Orchard Road. A poignant epitaph to my illustrious career, #tombstoneworthy.

'Don't Cry' by Naked is another local song of my beautiful melancholic, melodic youth. Support local! So many good tracks and bands that really transcend all time and space. I wish I could list them all. Portishead's 'Wandering Star' sums me up completely. I love The Doors and when Massive Attack fused their powers on 'Light My Fire', magic happened. 

Mr. Fingers is a moniker of the DJ/producer Larry Heard, whose work under his own name and various Fingers-related titles led to a series of essential Chicago dance records, including 'Mystery Of Love', a remarkable tune that achieves a lot with a little: A tidy bassline, sanguine but not exuberant, while a rotating series of percussive effects, whooshes, and rumbles periodically shift the song's energy. "It's like a cat," Heard says of the track, "You think it's gone, and here it comes walking through the doggy door again."

Actress, sometimes art curator and in her own words, "la femme d'argent and wandering star", you can catch Fiona Xie in Gifted, No Catalogue and Crazy Rich Asians.

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