Ffion: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #109

Easy listening

Text: Ffion

One of Spotify's artists to watch in 2017, R&B electro-pop songstress Ffion shares her summer playlist

I've been trying to look for songs that are more calming, especially during this period where planning the EP launch can be quite stressful. I feel music has the power to shape how you feel and it's a great way to set your mood right at the start of the day.

I'm always on the lookout for new artists and Daniel Caesar is someone to definitely look out for. His music videos are on point aesthetic-wise and the vibes that come from his songs are amazing. It's great to listen to his music, tracks like 'Japanese Denim' just around the time the sun is about to set.

Fortunes. is my favourite discovery this year and I'm really hoping they come to Singapore soon. Their music has given me so many new ideas for my own, and has inspired me to give music production a go — though I doubt I'll be publicly showing my self-produced music anytime soon. Sabrina Claudio is a goddess and all her songs can easily be classics like 'I Don't'. Her persona comes off as effortless and to me, she is the being of femininity. I used to follow her when she would only do covers on YouTube, but I'm so glad she ventured out and started writing her own stuff.

It's probably no surprise that there is a James Blake song on here. 'I Need A Forest Fire' was probably the first song that I heard from his new record and I keep coming back to it. Everything about Blake's music always takes me by surprise as he never goes in a direction that you'd expect him to. This song will probably be a long time favourite of mine. I started listening to Astrid last summer and there's something about the track 'Hyde' that keeps bringing me back. I love the small details in the production and the visual imagery Astrid creates with the lyrics. Plus the music video is stunning!

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