Felix Huang: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #119

Hancai town

Text: Felix Huang

Felix Huang shares a playlist that captures his life and times as a B-boy in Singapore

I'd like to take you on a personal journey regardless of music genre, through sound, lyrics and tunes that resonate with my personal self through my 36 years — walking this earth as a b-boy, a humble entrepreneur and a mentor to many youths in the region. This playlist reflects my moods (I'm a Piscean), my struggles, and the ups and downs... all you have to do is ride it out.

Wu-Tang Klan are one of my favourite rap groups of all time and I had the pleasure of meeting Ghostface Killa and Raekwon the Chef when we brought them down to Singapore for their debut concert here. We all know we live in an entirely capitalist world — Singapore included — and money talks. Money is made legit or otherwise whether anyone likes it or not, and it's a matter of situations and circumstances. So hustle your way, and "hustle legit"... at least that's the way I'm headed. And if you didn't get the memo, the track 'Cream' is an acronym for "Cash Rules Everything Around Me".

Who doesn't look back at the happy times in our younger days? 'Back In The Day' by Ahmad Lewis serves as a reminder that life is short and we should always relive the memories that we have. I recently chanced upon Shigeru Umebayashi's 'In the Mood' and as I'm classically trained in piano, I do have a knack and appreciation for classical music. This song is very intense in a melancholic yet tranquil manner. A walk in a misty forest? A stroll through the park during ohanami (flower-viewing)? A dance on the ballroom floor with a partner... or just seclusion in a dark place.

I've always been a fan of Massive Attack, especially their song 'Risingson'. As a b-boy, I love funk & soul, and afro beat. The Budos Band is one of the rare bands that creates music that I really love to dance to — it's not your heavy and typical breakbeats, but it's just really nice to flow and bug out to. Up From The South sounds mysterious and just makes me want to ride with it, ride through and keep moving up from down south.

Felix Huang, aka B-boy Think Twice is part of the Radikal Forze Crew, Founder/Director of Recognize Studios, and brand ambassador for Hancai Clothing. To get involved in their upcoming dance festival to celebrate their 20th Anniversary, check here.